More Power: Polestar ECU Upgrade for Volvo C30

Volvo C30 R Design

Polestar’s dealer-installed ECU upgrade for the Volvo C30 optimizes the power and performance of the C30, making the car more lively and fun to drive without hurting fuel consumption (MPG), emissions, or affecting your Volvo’s Original Warranty! This is the single best aftermarket performance tuning upgrade you can make to your C30, and – thanks to Polestar’s status as the official racing team of Volvo in Europe – you can still get your Volvo’s service and maintenance performed at any Volvo dealer.

Pricing for Polestar’s Volvo C30 ECU upgrade starts at $1295, and increases the factory C30 T5′s horsepower output from 227 hp to 250 hp, while boosting torque from 236 lb-ft to 273 at just 3000 rpm, for more grunt off the line and better performance throughout the rpm range. Contact Volvo of Oak Park or your local Polestar-authorized dealer for more.